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Events in May 2016–April 2017

Tropical Splash 2014

Many, many thanks for everyone’s support for this year’s event. We had swiftly changing weather conditions that made it challenging to put on a safe and fun event, but because we have amazing volunteers and supportive, cheerful swimmers, we rocked it! Results here:

  • 1K Results (this race was shortened to about 500 meters).
  • 2.5K Results (the 5K distance was canceled and everyone who signed up for it was placed in the 2.5K).

Aquatic Edge Stroke Clinics with Karlyn Pipes

One of the most successful Masters swimmers in the world shares her secrets to fast swimming . The Sharks who have taken her clinics will tell you that her clinics are awesome. She’s coming to swim in our Shark Tank SCM meet November 8–9, and is putting on three separate clinics for local Masters swimmers on Friday and Saturday, November 14–15. All info and online registration is in our calendar.

Shark Tank SCM 2013

Thanks to all who participated and volunteered in the Shark Tank SCM meet this weekend! We had a great weekend with great weather, swimming, and friends. The results didn’t show up properly on Meet Mobile—we’re not sure what happened—but you can view them here on the Midnight Sports site.