Tropical Splash 2014

Many, many thanks for everyone’s support for this year’s event. We had swiftly changing weather conditions that made it challenging to put on a safe and fun event, but because we have amazing volunteers and supportive, cheerful swimmers, we rocked it! Results here:

  • 1K Results (this race was shortened to about 500 meters).
  • 2.5K Results (the 5K distance was canceled and everyone who signed up for it was placed in the 2.5K).

***Tropical Splash Storm Updates***

We are monitoring TS Karen and conditions on the course and we will post updates here and on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter: @SharksMasters. Our Twitter feed is displayed in the righthand column on this page.——————————————->>>

Or, if you are viewing on a mobile device, keep scrolling to see the updates.

Thank you and hope to see you Saturday!

Tropical Splash 2011

We had over 400 entries this year and many, many happy swimmers from near and far. If you have not been involved with this event as a swimmer or a volunteer, please consider it for next year. With a team effort we can continue to develop this as a must-swim premier open water event. Thank you to all our swimmers and volunteers for making this the best year yet!

  • Results by Age Group: 1K    2.5K    5K 
  • Results Overall: 1K     2.5K     5K