Sharks Email List

We utilize a group email list to communicate. When you registered with the Sharks Masters, you were added to the email list: sharks AT sharks masters DOT org

Email List Policy

This list is primarily used by the coaches to communicate weekly practice updates, but it’s  also permissible for you to use it to connect with your teammates, using the guidelines below. Please use courtesy and use common sense. At any given time, there are about 300 people on this list, and not everyone knows everyone else. Keeping this in mind:

  • Use discretion when sending or replying to another sender; don’t use “reply all” unless your responses is truly pertinent to the majority of users. Use “reply” if you wish to contact the original sender.
  •  Although your messages should be succinct, they should include enough detail so that the reader  can understand what the email pertains to and who the sender is. Use your first and last name so that your teammates from other practice groups know who you are.
  • You may reach out to your teammates for something not directly related to swimming, but only if it’s for a nonprofit. Keep it brief and infrequent, especially if you’re asking for volunteers, donations, etc.
  • If you sell a product or service for a living, the message board is NOT a marketing tool for you. We have created a special Marketplace page on our website for you to list your business and contact information. This allows us to take advantage of our networking potential without excessive emails going to the entire group.
  • If you prefer not to receive emails from your teammates and coaches, you can email the webmaster and ask to be removed from the email list. We do not recommend this as you may miss out on important team business by unsubscribing.