Open Water Saturdays

7:30 a.m.

Our open water group meets at the far northern end of the parking lot at the Siesta Key Beach and walks to the blue lifeguard stand. All levels are welcome. However, for safety reasons:

  • Check in with Laura or Rick during the week if you are joining the group for the first time.
  • Like all SYSM workouts, USMS membership is required.
  • This is a group swim—please bring a team-player attitude.
  • Brightly colored swim caps are required for all swimmers. The best colors are bright/neon pink, yellow, orange, or red. Avoid white, silver, blue and green, which blend in with waves and water.
  • Fins are required for those swimmers who cannot keep up with one of the pods.
  • When the water dips below 70 F, wetsuits will be required, unless you have proven cold-water swimming experience.

This is a great way to get some open water experience while having fun with the group. If you are focused solely your individual performance, this practice might not be for you. We expect swimmers to buddy up and watch out for each other. There are almost always two or three different pods for a variety of swimming speeds. Breakfast afterward!

Laura confirms this practice with an email usually on Thursday or Friday. However, shifting weather and water conditions may cause practice to be canceled after that email. Unless you are a registered member of SYSM, you won’t get any emails. However, there are two solutions:

For night-before or day-of updates, including cancellations, you can: 1) Check the @SharksMasters Twitter feed on the front page of this website (righthand column); or, 2) Use your Twitter account and either check it or configure your settings to receive a text when @SharksMasters sends out a tweet.

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