Sharks Masters Gold Workout Blog

Traveling? Doing your own thing? Need a workout? Want a sneak peek at tomorrow’s workout? Go to Sharks Masters Gold Workout Bog in the Member Blogs section of

You can subscribe and have the workouts delivered to your email inbox or access them online when you are traveling. To receive the workouts via email, you must first configure your free My USMS account at

To configure My USMS:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the My USMS tab in the upper right hand corner (or the link in the left menu)
  3. Follow the short membership verification process, which utilizes a confirmation email.

Also, USMS has published a step-by-step pictorial on how to activate your MyUSMS account and sign up for the Fitness Logs (FLOGs)

Once confirmed, you can click on My USMS whenever you visit the site and immediately view all your swims in one place: individual results, relays, Top 10, All-Americans, photos, etc. You can manage your USMS membership and download a copy of your card. All your stuff is in one place. This feature ALONE is worth the few minutes it takes to configure. Other benefits include the ability to surf the member discussion groups and post your own comments. Connect with thousands of masters swimmers across the country. You can subscribe to various blogs or even start your own blog if you have a hankering.

Once you are all set up and logged in, to find the workout blog:

  1. Click on Member Blogs in the upper lefthand corner. You may see the blog right away, near the top of the list, since he posts daily. If you see it in the list, click on it to go to the main blog page.
  2. If it is not on the first page, click on the page buttons on the lower right–the blog will be within the first few pages.
  3. To subscribe to the blog and have the workout delivered via email, click the Subscribe link in the Options menu on the left.